Gao Y.

Gao Y

Gao started with severe upper crowding and with her upper lateral incisors in crossbite. With 4 premolar extractions, braces, and elastics we were able to give her a much healthier bite and align her teeth beautifully!

Clarissa M.

Clarissa M

Clarissa had a 100% overbite when she first came to Family Orthodontics. We used Forsus springs along with braces to correct her overbite and overjet. Clarissa’s lower jaw advanced favorably during her orthodontic treatment, which helped us achieve an excellent result.

Charlie O.

Charlie O

Charlie began with a deep overbite and some dental arch discrepancies. With 1.5 years of braces and rubber bands, he now has a healthier, functional bite and an even more beautiful smile!

Beckett T.

Beckett T

Beckett started out with a mild overbite and a mild Class II malocclusion. He had upper and lower crowding that was corrected with 15 months of braces! He wore elastics to improve his bite. Now, he wears his retainers faithfully to keep his teeth stable in their current positions.

Alivia O.

Alivia O

Alivia first came to Family Orthodontics with overlapping central incisors and narrow, V-shaped arches. She had 18 months of braces and elastics to correct her bite and crowding. She is thrilled with her result!