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    Airway Orthodontics

    Orthodontics are about more than just aesthetics. Yes, the orthodontist wants your teeth to be straight and look good, but the goal is also to create a healthy, strong smile and optimal breathing ability. Airway orthodontics not only straighten teeth that are crooked or misaligned, but treat underlying causes of obstructed breathing.

    Airway Orthodontics - For an optimal breathing, strong and healthy smile
    Airway Orthodontics - Signs to know if you have obstructed breathing due to your smile

    Signs of Obstructed Breathing

    Obstructed breathing can occur in both adults and children and the side effects are often the same:

    • Mouth breathing
    • Poor sleep
    • Sleep apnea
    • Poor performance at school or work
    • ADHD
    • Hyperactivity
    • Rapid shallow breathing

    Benefits of Airway Orthodontics

    When obstructed breathing is corrected through interceptive orthodontics, sleep apnea treatment, or airway-friendly treatments, the benefits will appear in places you didn’t even expect and allow you to perform better in all aspects of life:

    • Get a good night’s sleep, finally
    • No more struggling to breathe while sleeping
    • Enjoy overall improved health
    • Eliminate the need for braces later, or minimize the intensity of treatment
    • Promote healthy facial development
    • Reduce or eliminate the need for jaw surgery
    • Breathe better and feel better
    Airway Orthodontics - Benefits that can helps you with your sleep apnea
    Airway Orthodontics - Focusing on what Treatment is best for you

    Interceptive Orthodontics for Airway-Focused Treatment

    If your young child is showing signs of crooked or crowded teeth or a bite problem, this indicates that the jaws are not growing properly. But mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing – which are both more difficult to identify – can also signal a poor development pattern.

    Undergoing interceptive orthodontic treatment for kids allows for:

    • Repositioning of the jaw and palate
    • Correction of unhealthy and detrimental patterns
    • Proper positioning of the tongue
    • Balancing of the face
    • Natural forward growth

    A healthy airway is a given side effect of targeted orthodontic treatment. You want to work with an airway orthodontics expert who understands the causes of the misalignment or bite problems you or your child have and addresses them at the core, not just at a cosmetic level. Sometimes, early orthodontics manage airway issues and development so effectively that the need for braces may be minimized or even eliminated in the teen years.

    Treating Sleep Apnea with Airway Orthodontics

    Some people with obstructive sleep apnea may balk at the idea of getting braces to correct a sleep and breathing issue, especially when there are machines and tools that can be used to counteract the side effects of sleep apnea.

    However, a round of braces helps achieve the ideal jaw relationship and established normal oral function and performance and the optimal contact of the teeth. In short, if your teeth are in the right place, your breathing will be better.

    By reshaping the mouth and compensating for jaw growth, interceptive orthodontics improve breathing ability. Plus, straight teeth give you a more attractive smile and make you feel confident, no matter what age you are.

    Airway Orthodontics - Helping to Treat Sleep Apnea
    Airway Orthodontics - Determining what treatment and cost is right for you

    Cost of Airway Orthodontics

    Airway orthodontics is an evolving dental science, and it’s a category that includes multiple treatments. Every patient will be different and have their own unique needs that affects the cost of this treatment and depends on a variety of circumstances, including:

    • Type of problem that needs corrected (misalignment, sleep apnea, or otherwise)
    • Length of the treatment
    • Type of equipment or orthodontics used
    • Number of visits to the orthodontist
    • Type and amount of dental insurance
    • Location

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    Airway orthodontics is a service offered by Family Orthodontics. We do whatever we can to help you or your child look and feel better about your alignment and oral health. Our dental care ensures that your airways are free, clear, and allow you to perform at your very best.

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